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Jerra Latrice is a native of Gary, IN (yes, the hometown of Michael Jackson) and she currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Since a student in middle school, she has been gifted in writing. Her former sixth-grade English teacher, Ms. Faulkner (now Ms. Griffin), once proclaimed, “If you keep this writing up, one day, I’ll be reading one of your books!”



1 hour consultation to discuss the self-publishing process and answer questions related to becoming an author, editing, formatting, book cover design, and ghostwriting

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30-min coaching for single women to provide advice on how to heal from a heartbreak, properly forgive, and discover their life purpose.

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15-minute consultation to discuss and answer questions about your manuscript, editing, and the self-publishing process.

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'I Was Bitter, Now I'm Better' is part relationship memoir, and part self-help. In her candid, self-published work of art, Jerra Latrice aims to teach women the importance of healing, forgiving, and rebuilding after a heartbreak. Through sharing encounters involving her own battles with bitterness, Jerra also challenges readers to take accountability, self-reflect, and repair character flaws. She advises women to let go of the pain, and bury the bitterness. "Remember, you're BETTER, not BITTER!'


I Was Bitter, Now I'm Better

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Jamilya passmore

Jerra is a humble, sweet, versatile person. Her book is so relatable that it speaks volume. I was Bitter now I'm Better is refreshing, fun, and accurate just like Jerra. I support her movement.

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Aundrea Tabbs Smith

I truly enjoyed reading I Was Bitter Now I’m Better. Jerra, I commend you on your honesty and vulnerability. What you revealed takes so much courage and I have tremendous respect for you. Your book is a necessary reminder of the importance of self-care and forgiveness.

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Anton Leonard claiborne

Everything looks great with my book. Thank you for not rushing through my project. I really appreciate you for reading it multiple times to be sure you caught all of the errors. I look forward to working with you again on future projects.

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