So yeah, I ran into my ex recently. The one you read about in Chapters 8-9 of my book, ‘I Was Bitter, Now I’m Better.’ The one I just KNEW I’d marry one day…yeah, that one. I thought there would be some sort of weird energy once we approached each other after making eye contact. […]


September 18, 2018

I Ran Into My Ex Recently…

When I was approaching 30 years old, I was in a state of depression because I was still single, unmarried, and without a family. I used to look at people’s lives on Facebook…the engagements, weddings, “boo thangs”, and compare myself with them. Then, I’d end up feeling worse than I was before I logged on […]


June 29, 2018

Enjoy Your Single Season

A good friend of mine has been getting to know someone that she sees a future with one day. They’ve spend spending a lot of time on the phone, going on dates, and video chatting when they’re not in each other’s presence. She showed me a picture of him too…and he is FOYNE (lol)! The […]


January 9, 2018

Is it Intuition, or Insecurities?